Take the hassle out of business recycling with Scout Recycling Centre!

Do you have a business that produces recyclables?

We can supply you with lockable bins for your 10c deposit product to help your club do the right thing by the environment.
We will even come and collect for you so you don’t have to work out who is making the trip to get rid of your product!
We won’t charge you to collect your recycling and we will simply transfer the cash to your bank! You don’t have to lift a finger! You must have a minimum of 75% 10c deposit product in these bins otherwise a collection fee will apply.

Did you know that Scout recycling can take care of all of your recycling needs?  (** Not available in all areas at this time.)
We will take away your other recycling at no cost to you!
We will collect:

  • Plastic milk containers
  • Metals

Got something else you want to get rid of? Give us a call and we can help you!

We don’t charge ‘rent’ on bins
We don’t charge to swap bins provided they contain 75% 10c deposit product
We don’t charge for collection provided they contain 75% 10c deposit product

Is your business eligible?

We currently service:

  • Schools
  • Major Sporting Events
  • Clubs
  • Sporting groups and grounds
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Factories
  • Retail and other businesses
  • Industry

All over South Australia and South East Queensland

Fast easy EFT on all cash for containers or scrap metal!

We will also provide you with a certificate of appreciation to let your patrons know that you are helping your community by recycling and supporting Scouts!


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