Scout Recycling Centre accept a wide range of products and material for recycling. Some of this you will be paid for, and for others it will be a convenient drop off point. If you have a lot to drop off, try to pre-sort the material as much as possible. This will save you a lot of time at the recycling centre as it will help us service you more efficiently.

 Deposit Legislation applies in SA, NT, NSW, ACT and QLD

SRC in Action 04A 10 cent deposit applies to beverage containers purchased in SA, NT, NSW, ACT and QLD. The deposit is redeemable when the container is returned to a Scout recycling centre in the state of purchase.  Don’t forget to tip out any liquid left in the cans or bottles.

This includes,

  • Soft drinks all types
  • Water (plain, still or carbonated)
  • Fruit drinks and some juices up to 3litres
  • Sports drinks
  • Ice teas
  • Flavoured milk up to and including 600 mL
  • Yakult bottles
  • Beer bottles and cans
  • Non alcoholic wine
  • Pre mixed spirit
Bottles and cans at a recycling center

To be eligible products MUST be returned to a recycling depot in the same state or territory as the product was purchased.

It must also have one of the following labels:

“10c refund at collection depots when sold in SA”
“10c refund at SA/NT collection depots in State/Territory of purchase” Containers with this label, if purchased in QLD are eligible to be returned in QLD.

Beverage Container manufacturers in QLD have until Dec 2019 to update their labelling. Read more on QLD Eligible Containers here.

It is an offence to return a container for a refund that does not have the appropriate label and/or has not been purchased in the State or Territory in which it is being returned.

The products we accept…

Please Note. Not all depots are able to accept all product. Please check the individual depot page for information.

Plastic Containers

Bring in your soft drink, fruit juice and fruit drink containers. Make sure you remove the lids, though. It’s important to keep deposit containers separate to the non-deposit containers for easy payment.

Bottle and can recycling at depot

Aluminium Cans

All aluminium cans are recyclable. , but Scouts recycling will only pay a deposit for cans purchased in SA with the appropriate label.

According to Planet Ark, in Australia almost two out of three cans is recycled. Aluminum can be recycled over and over again and recycling aluminum uses 95% less energy than the production of a can using new materials. This means every time a can is made from recycled materials, the energy saved is enough to power a TV for three hours.

Please do NOT crush the cans as they will not be able to be processed through our automatic machines.

Glass Bottles

Glass can be recycled indefinitely and all glass is recyclable. To make processing much quicker and save you time, keep the deposit bottles separate from the rest and remove lids from the bottles. Labels don’t need to be removed and you don’t need to wash the jars, just make sure they are empty.

Paper and cardboard recycling in Adelaide

Flavoured Milk Cartons and Containers

Milk cartons involve a large content of renewable materials. Because it is made up of recyclable materials it should be kept out of landfill as much as possible.

Drain your milk containers and make sure the deposit containers are separate from the others, so we can pay you quickly.



Non Ferrous Metals

Scrap metal recycling in AdelaideThese are things like lead batteries from cars and trucks (not torch batteries, for example), copper-plastic coated wire, lead-roof flashings, brass taps and ornaments, aluminium pots and pans, stainless steel (like sinks), and radiators from cars and air conditioning units.

Ferrous Metals

These are light steel, like sheet iron and rain water tanks. You can also bring in your heavy steel, like car motors, thick steel poles or beams. Just contact your local centre to see what they accept.

Recycling steel also helps reduce your impact on the environment by reducing energy, water and raw materials used in the production of steel products. Steel can be recycled over and over again.

Did you know you can recycle unwanted cars? Bring in any type of vehicle, but it must be free of fuel, all oils, radiator fluid, and the battery has to be removed. Don’t forget to take any gas cylinders out first.

We pay for some scrap metals. to see what items we pay for read about recycling Scrap Metal or give us a call for up to-date-pricing.

The products we don’t accept…

Gas cylinders kept seperate from scrap metal at recycling depot Adelaide


Scout recycling currently DO NOT ACCEPT any electronic waste including televisions, monitors or computers.

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Thank you for helping the environment and supporting Scouts!