Recycled Reindeer Jar Christmas Craft

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*Please note Scout Recycling Centre does not accept glass jars but we encourage you to reuse them or pop them in your recycling bin.Scout Recycling Centre does not accept glass jars but we encourage you to reuse them or pop them in your recycling bin.


Trying to find a Christmas gift to give teachers, family or friends?

There nothing like receiving a handmade gift from a child for the holidays. Some of the Happy Valley Cub Scouts have had a great time making these Reindeer from recycled jars. Homemade gifts are a great way to entertain your children, stop worrying about choosing gifts, and even show your children how easy it is to recycle or reuse objects.

This DIY gift is great for your child’s teacher, their friends, family member, or anyone that loves Christmas and chocolate. All it takes is a few craft items, an old jar, and some chocolates of your choice.

Get your children into the holiday spirit with this easy and delicious DIY.


  • Empty, clean jar with lid
  • Brown paper
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Googly eyes
  • Thin ribbon
  • Pom pom (small fluffy ball)
  • Sticky tape
  • Glue
  • Your choice of chocolates (malteasers or Menz Fru Chocs work well).

Step 1

Start with an empty, clean jar. We used an old pasta sauce jar.

Step 2

Cut the brown paper to fit around the jar. The brown paper should leave some space above and below the jar to show the chocolate inside. Use the sticky tape to attach it to the jar at the back.

Step 3

Use the glue to attach the eyes and pom pom onto the brown paper. We used a red pompom to make it look like Rudolph.

Step 4

Bend the pipe cleaner in the middle to create a V and sticky tape the centre to the top of the lid. Arrange the pipe cleaner to look like antlers.

Step 5

Glue or sticky tape the ribbon around the sides of the lid and leave to dry fully.

Step 6

Add your choice of chocolate to the jar, we choose to use Maltesers (with a couple of Jaffa’s for the Rudolph effect) and then screw the lid on tightly.


You can use other types of sweets or lollies instead of using chocolates

If you want to add more homemade touches you can fill it with a hot chocolate or brownie/cake in a mug mix. Just make sure to add instructions on how to use the mix.

For a less sugary option, try filling with tea bags or a trail mix.

Or for a non-edible version to keep as a decoration, try filling it with scrunched up brown paper.