16 Payneham Road, Stepney SA 5069  (show directions)


Fast Cash for Bottles, Cans, Scrap Metal

Turn your bottles, cans, scrap metal and even car batteries into cash at Scout Recycling Centre Payneham. Scouts will be pleased to pay you cash (10 cents) for every deposit can, bottle or container. Please always remove the screw caps from bottles and don’t crush the cans.

We will also accept non-deposit containers such as wine bottles as well as mixed clean plastics and steel cans. Don’t let it them go to landfill – bring them to Scouts.

Turn your scrap metal (steel, copper, brass, lead, aluminium)and car batteries into cash as well. Don’t leave it lying around, bring it along and it will be recycled as given a new life. If you have a large volume of scrap metal, give Manager, Dean Tonkin a call and he’ll arrange a truck to pick it up.

Scout Recycling Centre Payneham serves the eastern side of Adelaide. Situated right on Payneham Road near the Maid and Magpie corner this depot is convenient for St Peters, Stepney, College Park, Norwood, Kensington, Magill, Walkerville, Hackney and even the city of Adelaide itself.

Scouts will pay CASH for

  • Deposit Drink Containers
  • Scrap Steel
  • Car Bodies
  • Non-Ferrous Metals
  • Car Batteries

Scouts will also accept

  • Non-deposit glass drink and food containers
  • Non-deposit plastic bottles (e.g. milk bottles)

Scouts will NOT accept

  • Cardboard


Thank you for helping the environment and supporting Scouts SA!

Scout Recycling Centre Payneham
16 Payneham Road
Stepney SA 5069
Phone: (08) 8363 0869

Closed on public holidays

Dean Tonkin