5 Bellchambers Rd, Edinburgh North, SA  5113   (show directions)


World Class Recycling for Bottles and Cans

Scout Recycling Centre Elizabeth specialises in drink containers. Lots of drink containers! There is a huge machine that gobbles up your bags of containers, counts them, identifies and spits them into the right bin and the rate of hundreds a minute. It is fun to watch!

If you live in the Elizabeth area, Edinburgh, Penfield, Hillbank or One Tree Hill this clean modern depot is the place to go.

You’ll get 10 cents cash refund for deposit cans and bottles. Don’t forget to remove the screw caps from plastic bottles. Also, leave your cans uncrushed. The machine counts and sorts by reading the barcodes – which are a bit hard to make out on a crushed aluminium can!

Don’t let your wine bottles and other non-deposit bottles and cans (including washed milk cartons) go to landfill. Bring them along to Scout Recycling Centre Elizabeth and we’ll deal with them for you. We will also pay cash for  scrap steel, non-ferrous metal, car bodies and even car batteries at this depot.

Scouts will pay CASH for

  • Deposit Drink Containers
  • Scrap Steel
  • Car Bodies
  • Non-Ferrous Metals
  • Car Batteries

Scouts will also accept

  • Non-deposit glass drink and food containers
  • Non-deposit plastic bottles (e.g. milk bottles)

Scouts will NOT accept

  • Cardboard


Thank you for helping the environment and supporting Scouts SA!

Scout Recycling Centre Elizabeth
5 Bellchambers Road
Edinburgh SA 5109
Phone: +61 8 8252 3897

Closed on public holidays

Jamie Warren