Not sure where to go?

With ten recycling centres around Adelaide and one in Brisbane, we’re sure there will be a centre close to you.

Simply type the name of your Suburb/Postcode in the search below to find the centre nearest to you.

      You can also donate your recyclables to help Scouts at any centre or with the following Scout groups.

      What can you drop off at the recycling depot?

      Bring in your bottles, cans, scrap metal and car batteries and swap them for cash.

      We accept all deposit containers for 10 cents refund, and we’ll take wine bottles, and clean milk cartons and non-deposit containers off your hands as well. Make sure the containers are clean and please always removing the screw caps from plastic bottles. Leave cans uncrushed.

      For a full run down of what we accept, read our information page. You can also go to our scrap metal page for specific information for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

      Unfortunately, our recycling depots do not accept e-waste at this time.

      About the recycling depots

      When you choose a Scout Recycling Centre not only are you helping protect the environment, but you are also supporting the community.  All profits from Scout Recycling Centre’s go to supporting youth programs in South Australia.

      Bringing in your recycling keeps it out of landfill and puts money back into your pocket.

      Scout Recycling Centre can help you or your business/event!

      At Scout Recycling Centres, we care about your business/event and can assist in several ways to make your recycling life easier. The best part is while you are helping the environment you are also helping the community.

      Scout Recycling Centres can arrange

      • Recycling containers
      • Regular or a one-off pickup of all your bottles, cans, scrap metal (ferrous and non-ferrous)

      To find out how Scout Recycling Centres can assist your business or event, please give us a call and one of our team will be able to answer all your questions. Find out more.