Connect with Nature on World Environment Day

World Environment Day

The 5th of June is World environment day!

But what is World Environment day?

World environment day was created by the UN in 1974 and is celebrated by over 100 countries, with the aim to encourage awareness and action for the protection of our environment.

It’s a day for us all to go and connect with nature, to enjoy what we have and work on protecting and nurturing our amazing world.

Every year has a special theme and this year we will be “Connecting People to Nature”.

So how do we celebrate?

How about just stepping outside?
Sit in the grass or under a tree and simply listen to the sounds around you. Go for a walk, there are many beautiful nature trails around Australia that range from a 10-minute stroll, an all-day hike or an epic adventure!

Sit in your own garden and see if you can identify some of the species of birds that inhabit your garden, this is especially good for children who might not notice the diversity of life in the spaces you share.

Take action!
Sit down with your family and think of ten ways that you can help the environment.

You could create a compost pile. This is a relatively easy task to do at home and helps turn scraps into rich nutrients for your garden. A successful compost pile needs a mix of brown materials (shredded newspapers, cardboard, leaves, yard waste) and green materials (fruit and vegetable waste, coffee grounds, eggshells).

Recycle. Did you know that the list of things that can be recycled grows bigger every day? Keep that clean foil from your sandwiches or the aluminium lid from your butter container, every bit counts, perhaps dedicate a spot in your pantry for scrap aluminium and when you fill an ice cream container take it in to the Scout recycling centre who can divert it from landfill and make it into something useful!

You can make a sustainable bag from an old pillowcase or t-shirt with very little effort and use that instead of plastic bags at the shop, personalise your own bags and turn it into a fun family activity!
You could use waste to create art or decorations for your home; the possibilities are endless. Decorate a picture frame with painted bottle caps, create paper beads for jewellery, or create a mosaic with broken CD’s.
Whatever you plan to do, share it with your friends and family to spread awareness. If you share online remember to add #WithNature and #WorldEnvironmentDay.

How do the Scouts celebrate?

Scouts help the environment every day! Not only through our recycling practices where the Scout Recycling centre saves thousands of tonnes of product from landfill, but through our youth program.
Children from the age of 6 in Joey Scouts take part in events such as Clean Up Australia and learn about environmental action every day! It might be as simple as taking cans and bottles to the Scout Recycling centre or creating amazing art for the community with bottle tops.
Older Scouts like our Rovers can take action on a global scale and help teach people in remote communities about sustainability practices and recycling and take part in projects such as creating wells or solar projects in developing countries.
The ways that Scouts help the environment is diverse and ever progressing!

All profits from the Scout Recycling Centre go to supporting youth programs such as these, we are making our world a better place through education and development of the community and the individual.

You can be a part of it too!
Bring your recycling into the Scout Recycling Centre and support Scouts or call 1800SCOUTS to find your nearest Scout Group and join us!