A World Without Recycling

recycling australia

In Australia, we’re lucky enough to have systems in place to make recycling as easy as possible. Recycling has become a part of our everyday life, but what would our future look like without it.



Currently, landfills are responsible for 15 million tonnes of C02 in our atmosphere each year. When garbage decomposes, it creates methane and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This contributes to greenhouse gasses and damages the ozone layer. Landfills take up space, as well as being dangerous and toxic. Rubbish that ends up in our oceans can cause harm to our marine life and poison our water.



Deforestation is the process of turning a forested area into not forest land. Deforestation occurs for many reasons, including

recycling agriculture, urbanisation, logging, and mining. Deforestation causes soil erosion, floods, wildlife extinction and climate imbalance.


Oil is a non-renewable resource. Fossilisation, which is the process that makes oil, takes an age; and meanwhile, we are using more and more. Scientists around the world are researching ways to create renewable resources that we can use to prevent a global shortage of fuel.



Most of our resources are finite and our natural resources will eventually run out. Without recycling, this problem will arriveadelaide recycling centre much quicker. Most of our infrastructure is suited to the unsustainable resources, which means once those resources are gone then most of our infrastructure will be useless.


Scouts Recycling Centre was created to make a positive change for our world. They will pay for many recycled goods, like deposit containers, wine bottles, car batteries, non-ferrous metals and steel; and they will accept newspaper, cardboard, non-deposit plastic bottles, mixed clean plastics and non-deposit steel cans. And while making a difference to the environment, by using a Scout recycling centre, you are also contributing to an organisation dedicated to the health, wellbeing and future of young people all over the world.